About Us
Cherished Pets Cremation Service opened in 2002, in small town of Baldwin (in Duval County), with ALL cremations done on our premises. We are unique in many ways-   most importantly, as the only local service owned and operated by the wife of a veterinarian, and to offer STRICTLY individual cremations (never mass cremations).

We are proud to be members of the Better Business Bureau, which holds businesses accountable for unprofessional conduct. The service you choose should uphold a strict code of ethics, and you should expect compassion and understanding from them. We are that service.
Final Arrangements

There comes a time in a pet owner's life when, after a difficult decision to euthanize, or, just when their normal lifespan ends, we must think of what to do next. 

It is important to think of your pet's mortality. Talk to your veterinarian about your options so that you will be prepared.

Many people prefer cremation over burial- it abides with local codes, and if you move, your pet will not be left behind.

When deciding to cremate, your choices are whether or not you want the ashes returned to you, and if so, whether you want a basic urn to scatter the ashes or an urn that you want to display.

Along with your veterinarian, we want to make this difficult time less stressful.


For a Pet lover, no decision is more difficult than authorizing euthanansia, but it is frequently the right choice. When a companion is in pain with a terminal illness or other condition, and the suffering involved for both the pet and owner is hard to bear, the decision is a logical one. Allowing your pet to pass peacefully, relaxed, with caring people by his side, can be the most humane thing we can do for them. Discuss this with your Veterinarian-some will actually make house calls, so the added stress of bringing your pet to the hospital is eliminated.

"Like all vets, I hated doing this, painless as it was, but to me there has always been a comfort in the knowledge that the last thing these helpless animals knew was the sound of a friendly voice and the touch of a gentle hand"
 -James Herriott (All Things Wise and Wonderfull, 1977)

What is Cremation?
Cremation is achieved through a process of heat and evaporation, which reduces the body to it's basic elements. It is simple, clean, and dignified, is more environmentally sound than burial, and dates back more than 2000 years.

Grieving over the loss of a companion is only natural and can be overwhelming. Society does not generally offer a great deal of sympathy over the loss of a pet, but as most pet owners know, it can be like losing a child. After many years of companionship, a great void is left.

Some veterinary teaching institutions have social workers who are specially trained to counsel pet owners during this difficult time.

Florida Pet Grief Hotline